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04.16.2019 , 11:12 AM | #2
Some ideas for tactical items (not putting numbers in cause I don't know how to balance the game):
- Kinetic ward gives defense instead of shield
- Change shroud to an evasion instead of a resist (M/R vs F/T damage)
- 3 stacks Depredating Volts heals (like the good old days) instead of giving DR
- Change the mechanics of discharge (maybe move from AOE to single target to make it relevant when fighting one thing)
- Any way (can't think of any) to sacrifice defense for offense

Set bonus:
- Taunt cooldown reduce is still useful in some situations and I would keep that somewhere
- Some way to reduce defensive ability cooldowns upon taking damage
- Flat DR increase (against all or certain types of damage)
- Movement speed increase
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