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This is perhaps the most egregious thing about GSF. While it's impossible to replicate the wide range of situations new pilots will be exposed to in any pvp game mode with just a tutorial, the GSF tutorial is notably bad. It gives you some sense of how basic maneuvers work, but some things like doing a full stop behind a safe wall by pressing X is just totally absent. This is perhaps the most easily fixable aspect of GSF, in my opinion.

And yes, warzone pvp also lacks a similar access to empty arenas for practice, but at least combat resembles what players do in pve all the time. GSF is so different from the rest of the game that I believe it merits a better tutorial system.

While I completely agree that nothing will turn off newer/less experienced pilots than hours of curbstomps, I feel there's very little the devs can do regarding this matter. Not allowing teams to form in a team-based game mode is just... silly, and asking people to voluntarily split themselves up is literally telling people how to have their fun.

The only long term solution is to get better, and I mean that in all sincerity, no snark. The real problem is a lack of place to practice targets and maneuvers outside of matches. Currently new players have literally no place to learn the maps. Just knowing where to attack from and where to escape to is a great advantage. If a new pilot just flies around away from combat trying to learn the map during the match, they'll get hit with the non-contribution debuff and eventually die. Just having each map available in a self-study mode, with the option of a few AI ships to shoot at/get shot by would be a huge boon to new pilots.
Reduce groups of 4 to 2. This would eliminate that 3 v 1 feeling you get when you kill one of their buddies and they all focus you down.
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