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I think that we need to separate the issue of imperfect matchmaking from premades. They can be connected, but they are different problems.

Itís not fair to people that have built a team to force them to break apart for a somewhat arbitrary concept of fairness. Nor is it appropriate to insist a team ďgo easyĒ on people or ďsit out a few matches.Ē And I say this as a predominantly solo-queue-er. Because it does stink to get curbstomped, regardless of the reason why. But thatís not entirely Drako et alís fault as if itís malice or that they donít want the game to succeed or players to improve.

I think history has also demonstrated that the existing SWTOR matchmaking systems do a much better job when premades are not in the queue, and even in bugged situations when groups donít get pops at all, as happened a few years ago for ground warzones.

Does this mean solo players are lazy? That they donít want to get better, or have a challenge? No, of course not.
Does it mean the team players are destroying the game? Of course not. Drako alone has done more to educate the community and share his knowledge than anyone else, and Iíve taken a protorp up my engine exhaust from him more than once.

Ultimately i donít have any answers. The system would probably work if there were enough players such that premades would be more likely to go up against other premades rather than a group of solo-queuing new pilots and one veteran. I also think that a group ranked system where SRW could fight more routinely against Drakoís team would be ideal. I know I would be curious to see what happened if the solo queue and group queue were separated, but it isnít any more fair to force a team to split up just to get a pop, than it is to expect new players to understand why they just got curbstomped.
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