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I admire your optimism, I really do.
I've been a supporter (and Subscriber) of this game since day one, I brought over at least 30 guild mates from EQ back in the day when this adventure was really amazing but its time to put down those rose tinted spectacles and have a real look what's going on here.

There have been no replies to players concerns over the recent disastrous update, community relations are non existent and all they did over the holidays was their best impression of an ostrich.

Look deep in your heart and you will realise that 6.0 is but a distant hope and possibly years away, all they are doing is putting a carrot on a stick to keep folks in the CM store.

I cannot express how much I want this game to continue but the lack of any response over recent weeks or any clear vision for the future says everything.

I sub to a number of games, just go look at their websites and see the exciting new stuff planned not for this year but the next few months, try ESO's website for instance, I pay the same amount of money to play that game as I do SWTOR, am I getting value here?

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You and me are in the same boat. I was a sub for 6-7 years, just recently cancelled out of disappointment and resentment built up by game design changes that make no sense to me.

That being said, I give Yll credit for at least recognizing people like you and me that present our "negative" viewpoints about the game as having opinions equally valid and worthwhile as their own.

Earlier, I felt Yll was blinded by optimism and sometimes couldn't understand the sadness and/or anger people like you and me hold for what has been done (or not done) to the game. Over time though, the last few weeks I think Yll has made a concerted effort to not take offense to our criticisms but to actually try to understand them and I believe Yll has done just this. That's hard to do so I just felt like giving credit when I think it's due.

I agree with your evaluation of the game, and I also agree with Yll that the seemingly apathetic nature of SWTOR's representatives is due to lack of resources plain and simple. That's not to say they have managed the resources they do have smartly, I don't know about that. It also doesn't excuse them from their shoddy lack of communication which has been a hallmark of theirs for years now.

As for the OP, the game aint dying, it will go on for years I am sure, and you will find plenty to do in the game still if you have not gone through all the content over the years. There's tons of stuff to do. It won't be till later that you run into much of the game most people complain about which is the 5.10 gearing etc. I'd say give it a shot, if the only concern you have is "it's dying" then that's not a reason to not play SWTOR. It's not dying, it's just not vastly populated as it once was.
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