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I strongly disagree with those of you who are saying that it's unfair to compare operative healer to merc and sorc healers "because those classes are op," when those are the only other two healing classes in the game. If i can't compare operative healers to another healer then what can I compare it to? If the answer is "nothing" then something is obviously wrong with class balance when two healing classes are comparable and the third one isn't.
I would disagree with you disagreeing. Something can be balanced while other classes are ovetunned. Operative healers right now are fair.

Comparing them merc defensively is hilarious to me in the first place. They have been aruguably the worst pvp healer since their big nerf during the beginning of swtor (I wasn't around then but they use to be the best healer back in the day). Since than with their inability to heal on the move, mixed in with them needing to cast heal every almost every ability makes them extremely disadvantage in PvP. Even with mercs new "buffs" their healing hasn't been touched so they are still the worst pvp healer. Yah their dcds are insane right now but you wouldn't ever pick them up for solo ranked or group ranked, ever.

Comparing them to sorcs? Sorcs literally perfect pvp healer, not because of their hps but how their healing works mechically. They went from being a purely cast healer in 2.0-pre 4.0 to doing everything on the move. They are in the position operatives were in when they were op in 2.0. These changes don't make operatives a worse class it makes sorcs the more optimal choice in PvP.

That's why many want operatives to have interupt immunity skill. Since the devs want operatives to cast heal they need to give us access to interrupt immunity. Or remove it from sorcs since majority of their heals is instant and on the move there is no need for their to be immune to interrupts because unlike 2.0 sorcs they aren't standing in one position spamming cast heals.

Operatives are still the best cleave healer in the game and their burst is great till you get constantly cc and locked out of cast heals. There is nothing wrong with the class but a shift in playstyle which the devs need to counter balance slightly.
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