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Opinions change even mine. The class is strong till lack of interrupt immunity comes into play. Everytime I struggle on the class I feel like a change in giving the class interrupt immunity could fix it. It will still be one of the hardest classes to play but if played well you can have a lot of success with it.

I literally have 0 issues now that I am almost fully geared. I would always argue that the class is balanced. It has strengths and weaknesses as EVERY class should. The ONLY weakness that is game breaking in solo ranked/group ranked is interrupt immunity; that is it. You need to stop comparing it to Sorcs/Mercs. Both of these classes are overtunned, that's why Operatives feel "weak" to you.

If you are struggling that much to write a post you are playing the class wrong 5.1. It really isn't as bad as you make it out to be by a long shot.
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