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That must be something that's pretty server dependent. I main Empire, but the past week I've been PvP'ing a lot on my Vanguard in order to see how things are on the other side. The republic PuGs on the server I've been playing on have often been some of the most disorganised, angst-filled bads I've ever encountered. People running one at a time into groups of enemies, one guy screaming and shouting about how much everyone sucks and when they finally do group up, they'll go after the most heavily defended spot on the map.

However on the server I have my imperial toons on, the win/loss ratio is generally a pretty even spread, and we've got some pretty good republic premade groups like Cadia on Bondar Crystal, along with some good Imp guilds as well.
I think the bigger the pop imbalance, the better the Republic players are getting. I only queue as solo and I always end up with most of the ops group being people I've been playing with all day.

We have an almost defacto premade situation going on.
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