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I see a lot of comments regarding that Emp side have a higher winrate than Rep side in WZs.

In order to try to understand if there actually is a demographical difference between the factions I decided to do a Poll to gather background info on what players PvP much at both sides.

Here is the link, results will be published on sunday the 29th of January.

So go ahead and show us who Empire/Republic players really are


There will be many opinions on what questions should have been included or not. I do not claim this to be a full fletched survey but some info is better than no info in my book

Also imnot native in english so please excuse the spelling errors.


Horrible survey. The questions are leading and narrow in their grouping. Some questions set ranges others encompass too large a range. E.G. How old are you has 8 options with 5 year age spans. Then how often do you win is 25, 50, 75 with 25% ranges. So if majority win probably 48-52% when grouped it is skewed heavily.

It seems that they made this to try and make it seem like one side is worse than the other.

The only thing worse about one side over another is accepting defeat and not using strategies or grouping up.

I have a 50 on both factions, both pve servers and even though I know I am outnumbered in 1, when grouped with friends we still do well and get all we need done on either.

l2p issues abound to all those kiddies that got free stuff in other games and now expect ez-mode everything.

Want to make a poll, start with real issues like RNG for PvP bags, or stats that dont work in PvP like block/absorb etc. Or disparity of finishing dailies/weekly in Illum for ranged vs melee.