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Most of Darthanimus' suggestions seem too OP to me but since we’re supposed to bombard devs with crazy ideas, that’s probably fine. Here’re a few notes though.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
Modify Vindicate to generate more force energy and eliminate the weary debuff.
IMO, it simplifies Force management too much and makes Resplendence stacks almost obsolete. Besides, Healing Trance crits so often that you'll have instant Salvation most of the time since you won't need Resplendence for Force regen. Sounds nice but... isn't it a bit insane?

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
Restoration now removes all debuffs from friendly target. Just removing 2 debuffs is far too low, I have thought this for many years.
In this case I think all healing classes should have it, and CD has to be the same for everyone. But it would make DoT dps specs even less preferable in PvP than burst ones unless CD is increased significantly.

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
Healing trance can be channelled while moving (I think that this long channel ability should be channelled while moving as standard)
What’s wrong with Force Mobility utility?

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
Deliverance cast time reduced to 1 sec and increases the crit chance.
Wouldn’t it just turn this ability into Benevolence clone with higher healing output?

Quote: Originally Posted by Darthanimus View Post
Resource starvation is a real issue in game now, the following scenario illustrates this point. When newbies do not understand mechanics and tactics during a boss encounter, an experienced healer should be able to mitigate the many mistakes made by team members, too many times operations fail with PuGs leaving all frustrated and despondent.
Yeah, Force management can be a bit tricky now. Still, healer is not responsible for other players’ mistakes. If good healer carries newbies and keeps alive even though they ignore mechanics and stay in stupid, they’ll never learn, never improve and continue doing the same mistakes over and over again. When they get a newbie healer in their group who is still learning and can’t heal through stuff which isn’t supposed to be healed through, they’ll blame him, not themselves, and probably discourage from learning this role further.