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04.18.2019 , 12:40 PM | #6
Idea 1:
Healing Ticks tick faster, but in smaller amounts, and over a longer duration overall. (needs buff)

Idea 2:
Out-of-bubble-effect: Blast away
inceases the AoE-Radius and the Push effect of the next Overload / Force wave by 100% when Force Bubble ends.

Idea 3:
Burning Heals
Revivification / Salvation deal damage to all enemys inside the AoE.

Idea 4:
Force Connection
passive - heals you for 1% of the heal you give to an ally.

Idea 5:
AoE Cleanse that also heals a bit
(upgraded Cleanse)

Idea 6:
A Disspell effect that removes positive buffs from enemys
Cause I feel this game kinda lacks Disspells/Countermagic.