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Certain guilds have a (deserved) reputation as EPA Superfund grade cess-pits whose members enjoy being toxic in one way or another. It would be useful to be able to say "/gignore Cess-pits of Tatooine".

For the other part, I think OP means to ignore player X and all the people that player X plays with often, and I wanted to know how he thought "plays with often" should be defined. Equally, "ignore everyone in the group I just left / was kicked from" is a useful thing, and far easier to define.
Well that's not easy. Maybe, if we check the time the target player is grouped with someone. Like Player X is frequent player with Y, if 50% of the whole grouped time they are in the same group.

Example: Player X, and Y are bros, and they go FP together. They go for 20 hours this way. Now until Player X, or Y plays 20 hours in group(s) without the other they are considered frequent played. If you ignore X that way, then you also ignore Y.