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2 and 4-pieces set bonus is fine (btw, for previous comment, 4-piece was never fully bugged, just take off and put on all gear after changing instance, worked since the very start). [/I].
The commandos was bugged out completely and never worked. I tried, many, many, many times.. All sorts of different ways (even pulled armorings and and put them back in a few times). The Mercenaries always worked like they work now.. you just had to remove and replace whenever you came through an instance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clogski View Post
I still love the auto-crit on Rapid Scan and it should carry onto a new set.

With the current set the only bonus I am still iffy about is the Supercharge Gas Cell duration by 5 seconds. Since it was bugged for the better half of the xpac I wont really miss the set bonus.

- Critical hits from Kolto Bomb residue have a 50% chance to refresh one stack of Kolto Shell on a target it heals. This effect cannot occur on the same target for more then 6 seconds. The stacks of Kolto Shell cannot exceed the current 7 stack limit.
- Critical hits from Kolto Shell have a chance to vent 2 heat. In addition the cooldown of Emergency Scan is reduced by 2 seconds.
- After using Thermal Sensor Override, the cost of your abilities are reduced by 25% for 6 sec.
- Your Emergency Scan also heals an injured target within 15 meters for 15% of the amount healed.

And quick question: Will we see threads like this for utility changes as well? I have many ideas for changes to merc utilities but I don't want to take this off-topic from set bonuses.
While I really do enjoy having that extra 5s on supercharge, some of these sound pretty nice.. Some of them could push up our AoE/raidwide healing quite a bit though.

I don't really think any changes are "Necessary" in any way, i'de much rather just see the current set bonus but in FULL working order (especially at the next gear level.. if I grind out a 6 piece to find it not work again, i'm gonna break something..)

If we are to get a new ability with the new level cap it could change everything and it might be better to change the bonuses but, as it is I think they are good for the type of healing commandos do. I would much rather have my 6 set bonus reduce Advanced Med Probe/Healing Scan CD than progressive scan.. In easy fights I probably get more healing from progressive but in a hard healing fight I use AMP/HS more since i can hit 10k-20k heals every 1.5s for 15s.. regen some energy and do it again. While I get a higher per activation healing from progressive scan, in heavy fights AMP will hit close to the same but I can hit it much more often and direct the heals more effectively.