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Yeah so this happened

Part of it is that he's lvl 50 and was geared but still this is way beyond anything even reasonable for a class to do. I remember when one of the main selling points of this game was that you couldn't be stunlocked and killed... lie.

Agents have, not only the most stuns in the game, but on the shortest CDs, i believe an agent can get debilitate to a 30 second CD... *** really? Then their opener knocks you down for 3 seconds where they make such a health deficit that there is literally no way to come back and you have to either run or die. Even if you CC break the knockdown, because of the broken resolve system they debilitate you and if you manage to get a lead on them to run away or go for a health powerup they just flashbang you...

This needs fixing ASAP it is ruining pvp for everyone.
Did you really need to post this in like 6 different forums? Get over it. You're bad at your class. Roll an agent and shut up.
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