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The last seven years you guys have been saying you listen to the community. It seems that you are only listing to a select few. Amplifiers sound like something just you had before you were revamping the system again and again. You get the gear you can't use, and you have to recycle several times to get something you need (sounds like rolling for battlemaster gear back in the day), which will take you weeks if not months to get it right. For playing a few hours a night after work, it will take years to catch up.

I just want to play the game, not grin for gear every night. After you get the items, you have to test it out to see if it works for you, "Great, I need another drink." Just another SWTOR trinkets that someone is going to exploit. I rather pay cartel market to get that gear I need so can play the game. Think about how much Bioware would make selling equipment on the Cartel market! yup keep listing to your free-to-play your (Select Few)

How about equaling out all the characters with the same amount of damage. Same abilities of healing also stun, globe cooldowns. Vanguard and Power tech can really use help in heals and shields like any other tank in the game (by the way the Vanguard and PT Koto and shield don't work!) Maybe taking the sprint ability and putting into the general ability. I hate having gear up toons that are almost unplayable.