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Agreed, her hypocrisy is aggravating. Particularly as she doesn't sound heartfelt about anything.

She is the worst written companion, and romancing her just feels sad. Even her summoning dialogue, "Don't make me go against my teachings." Seriously? Okay, well, since you're here we're gonna wipe out these Jedi here on Nar Shaddaa, is that good with your teachings.

Her reunion scene after KOTFE was so bad I rolled a new SI to be my main and have him romance Lana.
I can see why they wanted to write her the way they did but I just think in vanilla game they could've done a better job.

I disagree, I actually felt tempted to return to romance her, in a few minutes she was shown to be way more mature than the naive Padawan I met all those years ago. The only reason I kept with Lana was my legacy canon built around her and my character spawning a short-lived dynasty and I wasn't feeling in the mood to retcon all that. Plus I Had another character keep up the romance if I recall.
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