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By the time you finish KOTET you get an Alliance Recruitment for Ashara if you're a Sith Inquisitor. However she hasn't fallen to the Dark Side instead being more around the gray area of force users, she sees both Jedi and Sith as a flawed philosophy and even says so in the mail she sends to you if you've romanced her in the vanilla game. She was also really mature and grown even in 2 minutes they've managed to make her from an annoying hypocrite who runs with a Sith Lord yet considers herself a Jedi to someone who merely wishes to do good where she can regardless of her own ideology.
Agreed, her hypocrisy is aggravating. Particularly as she doesn't sound heartfelt about anything.

She is the worst written companion, and romancing her just feels sad. Even her summoning dialogue, "Don't make me go against my teachings." Seriously? Okay, well, since you're here we're gonna wipe out these Jedi here on Nar Shaddaa, is that good with your teachings.

Her reunion scene after KOTFE was so bad I rolled a new SI to be my main and have him romance Lana.