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Howdy folks!

Here is my thing. My first character ever was a JK Guardian. Felt epic from a to 50. Had so much fun, plot-twists, felt engaged to the galaxy and well, yeah, all that.

I made a Vanguard using my level 60 token, as I wanted a fresh start. I went ahead and read the entire storyline of the Trooper. Which felt ok, but still very isolated. You don't even get to kill siths or jedis or whatever feels overpowered. You get to kill targets any Jedi and Sith would annihilate in seconds by force choking, pushing, or gutting with a glowstick.

I feel that the trooper is just, left behind. I mean, yeah we have cryo grenades, and a bunch of weapons useful against pretty much everything. But damn, aren't lightsabers supposed to cut through everything? My armor should be torn to peices by the first hit. Like in the KotfE storyline where

I mean, Bounty Hunters are renegades, they have thousands of mandalorian heroes across the galaxy with fame and reknown. They are famed for being the deadliest jedi and sith killers the galaxy ever knew since they're unpredictable and highly technologic. Their helmets prevent them from being force manipulated, every inch of their bodies are weapons!

Scoundrels are law breakers, they do what they want, when they want, they dont even have to get involved in anything, they kick you in the groins, and point blank shotgun you. How more detached can it be? But then again, it feels involved.

Jedi Knights and Consulars, well they're force users, sky is the limits. Same for SI and SW.

Imperial Agents are the key to the empire developpement, they assassinate key targets from the shadows and well, even through politics. They have massive influence in everything.

Trooper? You are a disposable force deployed on the fields with the same arsenal than EVERYONE else. You die, and ain't being remembered for anything, you are the military, you get in, serve the galaxy, die or suceed. You ain't all that special besides your medals and grades. I mean, how many trooper heroes can we count? How many troopers really changed the tides of something? Even in the opening cinematic, where you see the trooper being *****ed around as soon as a sith gets in and well, cleave them all to cluster crap. Then, Satele-Shan gets in there, kills dozens of siths and duel with Darth Malgus. Trooper gets in, gets neutralized and blows himself with a cryo grenade. Wow, I mean, yeah, makes me feels so heroic and reliable.

Anyone can help me with this? I really love the look of my Vanguard, really love the gameplay and style. It's just that I feel so not involved in the story, just like a peice of the puzzle people forced with sledgehammers to fit in.

Your help is VERY appreciated.