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First, thank you for asking for our input and let me say how excited I am at the prospect of customizing our classes more than ever before! I main an Operative exclusively, am proficient in all its disciplines, and have completed all my best achievements with this class (Revanchist, HM Coratanni, NiM Dread Council, etc.) along with regularly playing Ranked/Unranked PVP, Flashpoints, Uprisings, Events, etc.

Along with post here I've also shared my thoughts in the other Operative Set Bonus & Tactical Items discipline threads. I've made suggestions based on my experience with this class and with both PVE/PVP in mind. I've started by listing the challenges that I face with each discipline as a guiding factor for my suggestions but I also targeted abilities that I don't often use. Thank you for reading!

Discipline Challenges: Melee (position/movement/range)

[Tactical] Corrosive Assault's range is increased by 20 meters.

All Disciplines:
[Set Bonus] Increases the max stack limit of Tactical Advantage by 1 (stacks with other increases).

[Tactical] Countermeasures now increases movement speed by 50% (stacks with other movement boosts).
[Tactical] Adrenaline Probe's cooldown is reduced.
[Tactical] Stim Boost now additionally restores x energy over the duration.
[Tactical] Using Kolto Probe now automatically applies 2 stacks of Kolto Probe.
[Tactical] Revive (General ability) cannot be interrupted for 10 seconds after exiting Stealth.
[Tactical] Overload Shot now applies a Damage Over Time effect and reduces the target's healing received.
[Tactical] Overload Shot now places all of the target's abilities on cooldown for 1 GCD (except abilities not on the GCD) but has an increased energy cost (similar to the Uppercut unarmed combat legacy ability).
[Tactical] Infiltration can now be used in combat and out of stealth and provides a damage reduction bonus to all group members within 10 meters.
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