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Hi all!

I wanted to take a moment and give some insight into the upcoming Conquest system updates you can expect to see with 6.1.4. As always, the following information is subject to change. Letís dive in!

Point Rebalance
One of the biggest changes coming with 6.1.4 and Conquests is an across the board point rebalance. We are taking a deeper look at Objective time and effort, ensuring that those objectives which might take a longer time to complete or have a higher complexity in order to complete will feel as equally rewarding as some of the less time intensive objectives.

We took a thorough look at every Conquest objective and balanced their final points through emphasizing objective time to complete, complexity, and repeatability. The result is an abundance of Conquest points for some of the most complex and/or time intensive objectives, lesser points for marginal time and effort objectives, and an even scale for those objectives in the middle.

Below is just a small example of some of the point changes this has resulted in.

All values displayed are base values without any additional bonuses or multipliers and subject to change.
Changes will be listed as <Conquest Objective> new 6.1.4 value (relative to previous value), similar to patch notes.
  • Items: Credits for Junk is now worth 550 points (down from 1,750).
  • Advancement: Hail a Taxi is now worth 550 points (down from 1,750).
  • Starfighter: <Ship> Eternal is now worth 2,200 points (up from 600).
  • Chapters: Any are now worth 4,850 points (up from 3,000).
  • Operation: Master is now worth 13,100 points (up from 7,500).
  • Iokath: Weekly Mission is now worth 22,250 points (up from 4,000).
  • Team Ranked: Total Domination is now worth 100,000 points (up from 13,500).

Objective Level Bracket Updates
We continue to review the Objectives available for each bracket to ensure players of all levels have a meaningful and enjoyable Conquest experience, while also challenging players in the appropriate manner.

With that, we have made additional adjustments to some Conquest Objectives and the Level Bracket they appear in. This includes the following:

Subject to change.
Changes will be listed as <Conquest Objective> new 6.1.4 bracket (relative to previous brackets), similar to patch notes.
  • Advancement: Legacy is now in the 10-49 bracket (in addition to 50-70 and 71+).
  • World Boss (Coruscant/Dromund Kaas - Corellia) is now in the 10-49 bracket (in addition to 50-70 and 71+).
  • Items: Credits for Junk is now only in the 10-49 bracket (it is no longer in the 50-70 and 71+ brackets)

New Conquest Objectives
We want to continue offering additional avenues for players to participate in Conquests without feeling like they have to choose Conquests over an activity that they want to participate in. For instance, a player who spends their time playing through Knights of the Fallen Empire or Knights of the Eternal Throne may be sacrificing a decent chunk of Conquest participation in order to enjoy their epic stories.

Our goal continues to be allowing you to play how you want while feeling like you are able to meaningfully contribute to your Conquest goals. As such, we have added new Conquest Objectives you can expect to see on a regular cadence, ranging from Defeating Skytroopers and completing Heroic Planetary Missions, to Uprisings and conquering Star Fortresses!

Events and Conquest
Events are a good break from the day to day of saving (or taking over!) the Galaxy, and we want to continue supporting that notion through Conquests. We are further expanding on the relationship between Conquest and events through the addition of new Conquest Objectives, tweaking the repeatability of others, and making point adjustments to others still.

Using the Relics of the Gree event as an example, the following changes are coming to further support the Event.:

Subject to change.
Changes will be listed as <Conquest Objective> new 6.1.4 value (relative to previous value), similar to patch notes.
  • Relics of the Gree: Critical Missions is now Infinitely repeatable and worth 1,650 points (previously was Daily only worth 4,000)
  • Relics of the Gree: Defeat Surgok'k is now worth 5,800 points (up from 4,000).
  • Relics of the Gree: Defeat Gravak'k is now worth 5,800 points (up from 4,000).
  • Relics of the Gree: The Gray Secant is now worth 10,700 points (up from 9,750).
  • Relics of the Gree: The Gray Secant Pinnacle is now worth 2,700 points (up from 1,100).
  • NEW Relics of the Gree: Defeat Droids is a Weekly Conquest Objective worth 10,700.
  • NEW Relics of the Gree: Defeat Droids 2 is an Infinitely repeatable Objective worth 2,750.

These new additions are not only exclusive to our rotational events, however! In addition, we are branching out and adding Conquest Objectives for our Seasonal events as well! Be on the lookout for new and exciting ways to participate in both Seasonal and rotational Events through Conquest as they come around!

Introduction To Conquest
There is little doubt that over the years Conquests have changed substantially from what they were originally. As we continue to iterate, we find it important to give players context as to what this system has become and what it can offer you! With that in mind, we have made some tweaks to the Introduction To Conquest Mission, including revisiting the rewards, the Mission text, and auto-granting the Mission to players as soon as they reach Level 10 and are eligible to participate in the Conquest System!

For those who are already past Level 10 and have not already completed the Mission, this can still be obtained from the Mission Terminal on the Republic and Imperial Fleets respectively.

Shorter UI Popup Notification
Finally, we have made an adjustment and lowered the duration of the UI Popup for Conquest Objectives!

We will be putting these changes onto the Public Test Server soon, so be on the lookout! We are excited about these updates to Conquest, and canít wait to get them out to you all with PTS and finally 6.1.4. We look forward to your feedback!
David Staats | Systems Designer
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