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I'm posting here as I've recently come back after a long hiatus. Apologies if this isn't the right board but I can't see a customer service section.
Bought some coins, decided to buy two armor sets. This was 4 days ago, on the 02/06/2019.

One of these sets I equipped immediatly, the other I left in my bag.
I'll hold my hands up and admit fault, I deleted the other set to clear up bag space thinking it had already been added to my collection. As not only did I purchase them I had to claim them. Didn't think there were any further steps needed to claim what I bought.

Today I realised they were not in my collection so I opened up a ticket. They admitted they can see what I had bougth and that I had deleted the items but flat out refused to restore the armor set or even provide me with one as it was too long ago.

Is this really the best customer service they can provide? Am I missing something here? I've spent money to obtain a virtual item that I cannot have. Granted I messed up but are they really telling me there is nothing that can be done? Because that seems hard to believe. Surely seeing that I have paid for something that I do not have isn't the way to go?

I would like to apologise for my rant as I imagine many people will start to flame me saying its myself fault. Yes, I've already been over that but my point is about the customer service and what they can do.
Open one more ticket. If it's only been 4 days, there should be no reason they can't restore the item (not like it's been a month). Explain to the person kindly that your future subscription likely depends on the answer they give you, since 1000+ CCs is a lot of money. Yes, it's your fault, but it was a mistake and the game does a poor job of explaining how collections work.

I recently had a similar issue (put all the armor pieces in outfit designer, but my inventory was full so I deleted the pants and belt after successfully adding them to outfit designer, then I discovered that even if you unlock everything in outfit designer, you have to physically have all 5/6 pieces in your inventory, bound, at the SAME TIME to unlock the collection) but in my case, customer service was very helpful. They even apologized for taking so long to get back to me, and added the two items back into my inventory.
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