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Alacrity is only bad if you cannot keep up with your GCDs, meaning, that if you aren't pushing the correct abilities as soon as the GCD comes up, you are losing the benefit of the Alacrity, therefore, losing DPS. Downtime is different, however. If a mechanic interrupts people from DPSing, (ex. Say Operator IX), then using Alacrity over power/MS/surge wouldn't be a loss of DPS, since the people with extra stats in these categories can't do DPS anyways. However, for bursty fights, you'd most likely want to run with less alacrity because if you cannot get more GCDs in (proportionally) than the DPS are without Alacrity, then you are wasting stats.

A good example in relevant content would be the Add phases in Underlurker. If you are aiming PRIMARILY to make sure the adds die quick enough, then higher Alacrity wouldn't be able to help you there since they simply die way too fast for you to kick in an extra GCD, however, it would be beneficial to use for the boss himself, assuming that you are hitting buttons on the GCD.
I'd argue that Alacrity is great for Underlurker adds since it means we get in more ticks of Suppressive Fire, making them die faster, and therefore giving more uptime on the boss before Rage Storm. It also means we can burst harder because the Alacrity will make energy regen faster while hiding behind the rocks.