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Kaliyo's romance is only available to the male imperial agent who romanced her during vanilla. Anyone else would just get a random flirt.
I'm well aware, still didn't get it. Didn't romance Temple either, since romancing both was possible for a long time.

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Also, if you skip all the cinematic cut scenes the chapters are relatively short. Some only break down to 10 minutes or so.
It's not the cinematics that are long, its the tedious non-stealth-friendly droves on weak enemies that march down your throat each chapter. Never mind the palace ball chapter with Vaylin, turning OFF my sprint.

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Personally, I would like to skip the Iokath/Umbara/Copero/Nathema stories if possible. Unless it affects future expansions. I can only take Theron's betrayal/under cover stuff so many times. And if my character's aren't romancing him or Lana then I don't really care about running them. I don't want to find out that if I start the new stories that certain choices will be set. For example, if you boost an imperial character to 65 Koth has split because it automatically checks off choices to scare him off. So it would bother me if that happened and I find out I don't have Theron as a companion because it pre-selected my choices on an imperial character to leave him on Nathema.
See? There's some portions you'd want to skip yourself. They just happen to be much shorter than 2 entire expansions but we're on the same page here Boggles the mind as to why this hasn't been implemented yet, though.
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