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Okay, here goes:

Anakin talks to Yoda during episode 3 but takes the advice of letting people go to heart. When he finds out that palpatine is a sith lord he tells Master Windu who argues that Anakin should stay at the jedi temple, however Qui-Gon Jinn's spirit appears and tells Mace that Anakin has mastered his emotions and should accompany the other jedi.

When the 5 jedi confront palpatine he states that Anakin is a fool and will now lose Padme. Mace is surprised at the revelation about Anakin but declares it will be dealt with later. Palpatine does his twirling jump at the jedi but as he believes Anakin can still be turned he underestimates him, leading Anakin to force choke palpatine upon his landing. Mace tells Anakin not to use his anger to defeat palpatine and use the light side of the force. Kit Fisto then slashes at palpatine's legs causing Anakin to drop him in surprise. Mace then quickly finishes the fight by stabbing palpatine through the chest making him die instantly.

After the defeat of Palpatine, Anakin accepts a holocall from Nute Gunray in Palpatine's office gaining proof that he was responsible for the entire clone wars. The seperatists are arrested and put on trial while this proof allows the senate to elect a new chancellor.

Order 66 is never executed and the galactic empire never comes into being, Anakin is commended for his heroism yet is removed from the jedi council for hiding his marriage to Padme. After the Twins are born they are raised by Anakin and Padme on Coruscant.
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