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if Anakin killed Palpatine during his rise to power.

Padme would still be alive, but because both of her children were Verry stron in the force, Anakin would either have to leave the Order, or Padme would have to take a Fake husband as the Order would find out one way or the other,

Anakin leaves the order, due to not wanting to give up the marrage thing. but because of himself knowing he was / is the one to bring balance to the force, he end up following the teachings of Dark Side. as its still true he will bring Balance to the Force, Balance of a Totally ruled Light Side with Many Followers. to Equal Followers of Light and Dark.

With his Son ( Named QuiGon in memory of his first teacher and the person that gave him his dreams of freedom and becoming a Jedi, as well as Fully and totally beliving in him)and Daughter ( the daughter of which is named Shmi Skywalker in memory of his mother )trained in the ways of the Force, as well as his wife's contact's / wealth. he is able to Form an Army of the Empire, with his Son and Daughter beside him and fighting with him ( as his way is the only way they know ).

together they bring the same Peace through the galaxy that Palpatine did, but with more Sith.

During the Time of the Sith Empire Reborn, a young Recruit Solo ended up continuing and passed his training on Cordia to be an Imperial Officer, this was due to seing Shmi during a routine Inspection. over time the drive and feelings for Shmi Skywalker drove him through the ranks to where he was a trusted Second in command for Shmi herself.

Qui-Gon on the other hand started diverging from his fathers teachings, after comming across a holocron recording from Vergere, started to delve into a more Gray area. after seing Chewbaca being beaten, Qui-Gon saved Chewbaca, and Chewy and other wookies became Personal Bodyguards of Qui-Gon.

due to the DeathStar Plans being created before teh start of the Clone Wars, they so happen to find their way to the Republic, which in turn use it on multiple worlds under imperial control as imperial forces would not give up the planets. one of which was Naboo, where Jar Jar was on Vacation, not many noticed. but many mourned the loss of Naboo, the home planet of Padme and where Anakin and Padme married and gave birth to their children.

With the Destruction of Naboo, now Qui-Gon fully joines his father Darth Anakin, Lord Shmi and becomes Lord Qui-Gon, recruting the Bounty Hunters ( as they like killing Jedi ) of Madalor, and going to war with the Republic trying to erase them out all together.

aroudn this time, Vergere and the Vong show up. Vergere sensing the amount of Force the Empire is throwing around with just Anakin, Qui-Gon, and Shmi talks the Vong into joining the Imperials.

thats all i have for now and remember it was Padme that gave Luke and Leah their names, Anakin was out of the picture by the time of their birth.
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