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Are you guys still looking into the group queue issues that the PVP players have been experiencing for over a week now? Please consider finding a solution and implementing it soon...

Also, the fact that Alliance Proving Grounds pops literally 90% of the time for warzones has totally made me limit the time I play now.

I am sick sick sick of this warzone now. Enough already. Please, PLEASE do something about the overwhelming amount of times this new warzone pops. I know for a fact I am not the only player who feels this way...
You do realize you're going to get Alliance more often than any other because you can be joined with Imps/Pubs.
So if you have a group of 5 pubs & more imps, then you're going to get that, instead of waiting for a full 6-8 for another match.
Basically simple statistics.

Going to have to just learn to deal or quit PvP.
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