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07.27.2017 , 07:47 AM | #6
There is nothing in this game that stops 1 person ruining the experience for another 15 or indeed 23.

That should not happen. The ignore list should stop that person ever being in your group again. However it doesn't go that far.

However, the studio have done nothing about this kind of behaviour in PVP or GSF for years, so report and move on. Hopefully someone will look into it if enough people do the same. - Streaming the match always helps with evidence.
- Or just screenshot the scorecard afterward, and chat to the players on your team to encourage as many as you can to file a report.

Personally, I would say that continuous suicide-ing for trolling, credits, conquest, dailies, and their precious CXP is borderline exploitation.

GL OP. I hope you get some justice. - Safe flying.
-Storm Cutter.
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