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1. Lower the personal targets for guild members who run low yield. Why canít it be scaling so if your guild goes for the low yield, personal targets are 35,000, medium 50,000 and large 60,000.

2. Lower the targets for the lower yield planets to 300,000, increase the yield for medium and large. Guilds that size already have extra buffs to deal with those increases.

While I sympathize on the changes to guild CQ scaling, and am very annoyed with the removal of several objectives. The bolded "suggestions" are just as much BS as the changes that have hurt smaller guilds. Not every Large guild is a top 5 zerg spam conquest guild, and certainly not every guild that goes for large yield. Those have been hurt by the changes too, just not as much. those "extra buffs" are like spitting in the ocean for guild goals.

I belong to a fairly large guild... we cater to newbies / returning players, and crafters... we are large because we allow active alts, and are very patient with people. We do large yields because it supports all those players (both crafters in getting mats, and others in selling them off). we're even large enough that sometimes we even manage to get on the leader board (we once got 9th place... for all of 5 minutes), but never at anywhere near the number of the top 5 (which are usualy1-2 orders of magnitude higher). The changes have made getting CQ as a guild harder, because ALL guild goals were scaled much higher than personal goals. We'll never conquer a planet... but THAT isn't our goal.... our goal is to support our members best we can.

Your suggestions do nothing to address the problem of zerg guilds, and in fact would guarantee that ONLY zerg guilds could complete those goals.... The only real fix for that is to average character activity across the whole guild and use that as the reference.... which BW will never do because it's both much harder to calculate well, and because it would actually penalize large guilds.

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