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Are you trolling? Seriously, unless those healers are amazing (the players), then I don't see how it's hard... They have force management issues, so even if you can't beat them right away, you WILL win.

As for the questions, seriously we need more damage. PvP is fine, but we NEED better damage in PvE. It's a joke right now, second worst class. Best way to do it is to buff hybrid specs, as no one uses those in PvP due to lack of survivability and burst.
No im not trolling you sport. I would love to see you try to kill the best healers on bastion 1 v 1. I am 100% sure I could kite you for hours on sorc heals (my healing class). No dps can solo a very good healer....they simply have higher hps than you can do dps and lots of dcds....I dont know what type of derp scrubs u guys are playing against? And if you can already do it then no need for a change.

The purpose of this game is focus fire and cc and teamwork not soloing a healer...seriously this thread is becoming pathetic because people are looking for dps buffs so they can solo healers ***....address the appropriate issues. Tanking and pve more talk of solo healers or needing to drop healers with tanks and cross healing....I dont mean to sound rude but it comes across as really noob to me. If u can solo healer s great if u cant dont worry ur not suppose to be able to. Moving on...