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Hello This is my First post but i have a problem . When i subscribed SWTOR i used my character Boost Token to Play KOTFE but can i delete my character from The outlander story and create a new and play KOTFE once Again?
The rules are quite clearly stated when you use the token;
* If you level up, the token becomes non-refundable.
* If you finish *any* mission (including crew skill missions), the token becomes non-refundable.

So if you have finished KotFE, you have completed many, many missions, and you will not get the token back.

That said, of course you can create a new character and play through KotFE again, even without the token. Characters that start at level 1 get a whole bunch of other stories available, and then (once they are at least level 60) can begin the KotFE story.
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