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It sounds like tactical items are the same feature Warhammer Online had called ďTacticsĒ, which was also by Mythic and was, IMO, a great feature. I hope we have multiple slots, like 3-4 like WAR and a large number tonchoose from, along with loadouts that can be swapped easily out of combat.

Some tactics ideas.

Some generic ones like the taunt could be applies to all tanks.

1) Taunt - Change tauntís damage dealt by target into a damage bonus against that target, but only for the tank. (This should be tank-specific, not dps disciplines). Exact values and possible cooldown increase for balancing. Only affects players.

2) Taunt 2 - Change tauntís effect to be more damage dealt TO that target, but for everyone except the tank (so it benefits the group, not the tank). Only affects players.

3) Taunt 3 - Change tauntís effect to be a large damage reduction from the target, but only to to the tank (the inverse of tauntís normal effect, making it a personal defensive cooldown). Only affects players.

4) Grapple - Change grapple to pull you to the target, effectively giving you a second charge on a longer cooldown.

5) Jet Charge - change Jet charge to knock back and root the target in place of charging to them. Range changed to 4m. Turns Jet charge into a defensive tool.

6) Jet Charge 2 - Jet charge can now *also* target friendly players. Allows you to use it to get to safety like intercede. Still retains its ability to charge an enemy.

7) Heat Blast - Buffs shield chance (additively) instead of absorb. May also need to tweak values, but the intent here is to make a consistency tradeoff by shielding more often but for smaller values, making the tanking more predictable and less spiky.

8) Hydraulic Overrides - Loses some of the speed bonus (5-10%?) in exchange for immunity to being pulled or charged.

9) Hydraulic Overrides 2 - Reduces duration (50%?) in exchange for significantly reduced cooldown (50%?). More frequent usage which can be beneficial for its movement impairment immunity effect.

10) Hydraulic Overrides 3 - Loses the speed bonus but gains significant fall damage reduction and a large increase to jump height (this may allow getting to unintended locations, maybe warzone-only?). Retains impairment immunity.

11) Jet Charge 3 - Jet charge no longer requires a target and moves you forward 30m at same elevation, but damages everything in your path.

12) Grapple 2 - Grapple pulls an additional target closest to the main target, but its range is reduced.

13) Grapple 3 - Grapple can now be used a second time within 5 seconds on a different target (including friendlies) and it will instead pull the first target to the second. Casting twice on same target will pull it to you like normal. The main tradeoff with this is the 2nd GCD for a self-pull in exchange for more ways to urilize the ability.

Iíll reply with more later as I think of them.