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I disagree with this. It's level 20 (Light/dark relics are available at level 19 and 20) and I wouldn't spend one credit on lowbie ear/implants when they're going for 20K+ on most servers. That's ridiculous, I wouldn't never ever spend that on a lowbie item. If you're a crafter, that's different and you're all set. If not, just spend the 1000 pvp coms on your capitol planet for the level 20 pvp ear and implants. These can also be purchased while under leveled, unlike planetary coms and level 60 pvp gear. I think they're around 375 comms each. It's a drop in the bucket, I'm usually capped before level 20 anyway and just buying WZ medpack stacks.

Though, while it's probably such a small issue in the grand scheme to be taking dev's time, I think the first level 10 pvp mission should come with a bag filled with; 1 ear, 2 implants and 2 relics in the same way you get a "bag" when you choose your advanced class. I suggest not even giving them a main stat, just something like 5-10 endurance on each. This would give the level 10 1868 expertise when bolstered, because you'd still be missing the head (150). But that is a much more competitive expertise number than the current 1200 that level 10-15's are getting because they're missing all those other slots.
You can't purchase crafted implants till LVL 21... So you can't get full expertise till then if you usually get them this way... I didn't know you could get them from Capitol pvp vendors at LVL 20... To be honest I never visit them because it is PVE gear and I craft my own normally... So I've learnt something... Thnx
I do like your idea for the LVL 10 bag of 1 ear, 2 implants, 2 relics... It would definitely make it more fair for people pvping in that bracket... They actually wouldn't even need to have stats... You just need to fill the slot for bolster to give 2018 expertise
People selling implants or relics for 20k plus are opportunists... Keep an eye on the market or craft yourself... I usually see them for between 2-5k on Harbinger... If not, I craft some myself
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