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edit 03/10/2016 guys please direct newbies or people who need help gearing to this thread

*** please note***
The bolster terminal on the fleet is severely broken, making it impossible to test outside of pvp itself....

I can say that if you still have old lvl 60 pvp weapons you can get 2018 expertise... Atleast 190 green items bolster well and better than the 174 pvp counter parts (not weapons)...

Edit: 190 is the highest you can go before you start to lose expertise... DO NOT WEAR EPIC PVE GEAR OVER 190 IN PVP...

Current gearing for PVP in PVE gear works as follows -

For lvl 60-65 players

You can wear a maximum of 190 lvl PVE gear to maximise bolster and expertise... "If" you wear anything over this you will lose expertise, the higher the gear, the more you lose... So "do not wear" epic PVE gear in PVP... Just wear the green 190 items you can get from the fleet vendors
By wearing gear up to 190 and having every slot filled you will get 1936 expertise... This will give you stats slightly below entry lvl PVP gear... And you won't have set bonuses... But this is how all of us pvpers start out and gear up
Obviously the first thing you want to spend your Comms on is weapons so you can get 2018 expertise as weapon crystals do not calculate expertise and aren't included in the equation. This is why you can only get 1936 expertise in PVE gear now ***Note - do not put expertise crystals in PVE weapons, this does not work and will reduce stats as well as expertise ***
My path to gearing up as I get PVP Comms is as follows -
*PVP Weapons (make sure you equipe expertise crystals)
*2-4 pieces of Armor to start out your set bonus... Belts and wrists are the 2 cheapest to start this with
*2 relics
*2 more pieces of Armor to complete your set bonus (you only need 6 out of 7 to do this)
*then you can get ear and implants
*last piece of Armor (number 7)... ** note, you don't need to use a piece from the same set if you don't want to... This allows you to use one of the other Armor pieces from the same vendor if you want slightly different stats to min/max

Gearing for lvl 10-59 players

Firstly bolster works better and simpler than ever and is extremely easy now for this bracket
All you need to do is make sure "Every Slot" is filled and you will automatically get 1936 expertise... Nobody below lvl 60 will have 2018 expertise, all will now have 1936, so the playing field is fair...

There are ways to tweak this, so let me explain
As of 4.0, you can get away with wearing really low gear all the way to 59. But when you get to 60, bolster starts to not work as well. This is where I suggest you upgrade to 190 great items from the fleet Comms vendor.
As you lvl up, you can still upgrade your gear, but so that you don't waste Comms, next do it every 8-10 Lvls. This is what I now do and I've not seen any major difference in bolstered stats.

**A quick explanation - bolster at the lowest lvls completely looks after all of your secondary stats because most low lvl gear has either none or very little... Secondly at the lowest lvl, bolster actually gives you better stats, higher health etc, to offset the higher lvl players extra abilities... As you get higher you get less stats
So as you level up bolster looks after these secondary stats less and less and even your main stats to a certain degree... I'll leave it at that, but if you want to know more just ask**

So you can still upgrade your gear as you lvl, but you don't want to or need to do it every lvl, unless you also need it for pve content.. Bolster starts to get more complicated to tweak the higher you go until you get to 60 (see my lvl 60-65 guide)

Now you might be wondering why gear below your actual lvl?... The reason is if you have gear at your lvl you can lose some main stats in favour of those higher secondary stats in your higher gear... By having it slightly lower, bolster balances those out better...

Relics are different altogether. You can now get ear, relics and implants at lvl 10 to get 1936 expertise, YAY... So make sure you equip them... But non PVP relics don't work in PVP... So what's the point in having them?... Well bolster works by making sure you have every slot filled, so if you don't have them you won't get any expertise for those slots... Now because they aren't actually used in PVP bolster doesn't care what lvl they are... So you can use your lvl 10 ones if you want until you get your PVP ones at 65

Gearing fundamentals for 10-59 to get 1936 Expertise

*** I can't say this enough, EXPERTISE IS YOUR MAIN PVP STAT. All other stats are secondary. You must have every slot filled to have 1936 expertise.

*** so have every slot fill with proper armor, weapons, ear, implants and relics This includes making sure any armor shells you wear are also filled. Ie armor, mods and enhancements. If these are empty they will not bolster and will be just like the slot isn't filled.

*** pick up your first couple of pvp missions "only" from the fleet and hand them in there. You will get free ear, implants and relics from handing them in... Please remember to equip them too

*** You would think this next bit would be obvious, but for some reason it's not... PLEASE, PLEASE, equip crystals in your weapons and off hand... Especially if it's a drop item, they no longer have crystals and your stats get severely punished for not having them equipped, even if you use low lvl crystals, it is better than none *** and only power, endurance or crit ones. *** DO NOT USE EXPERTISE CRYSTALS IN PVE WEAPONS... Which means not till you get them at lvl 65.

If you have any further questions just ask, but please try to do so in the gearing thread I have... The link is in my signature... Good luck and happy Pvping

I've recently seen a huge increase in people gearing with empty armor shells, no ear, implants, relics and no crystals. Ive even had pvp guilds argue with me that running naked give better stats.
I want to clear this up IT DOESN'T. Having empty shells is tantamount to having no armor. Running naked give zero expertise and is the worst thing you can do. Not having ear, implants and relics equiped is the same.
Please try to educate the people, especially the ones you see at LvLs above 16

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Augments and Bolster work a bit different... You can have any augment LVL you want... But if you go over a certain LVL of stats you lose health to compensate... But you don't lose expertise... You can decide if you prefer the extra other stats or the extra health edit : augments now seem to have a negative affect prior to lvl 65. I no longer wear them till lvl 65 pvp gear.

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