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06.30.2016 , 04:13 PM | #7
The Light vs Dark event seems very fun, especially for those of us who like to see the story.

As stated by many, most veteran players don't have 8 free character slots.
With the current discount of 25%, it costs 3600 Cartel Coins to buy 8 new slots. That's about 6 months of subscriber CC rewards. Most players don't have the coins to pay for it, and GTN is not an option on most servers.

Can we get some free character slots?
Or at least a better discount that allows us to buy all the slots before the end on the event with the Cartel Coins from the subscription?

I would very much like to enjoy the story again and keep the new characters. Actually playing the stories is much more fun than smashing spacebar to get to 50 in a few hours and then deleting your toon.

Thanks for the answear.
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