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12.19.2011 , 10:53 AM | #13
If you get a good group, they're easy. As a healer with only 2 healing spells atm (jedi consular sage - level 17), I have 500 force and my heals cost 50-55 (that's 10% of my pool) and don't heal very efficiently (all my points are specced into improving my healing abilities).

If it costs me 10% of my force to heal a piddly amount of tank damage, and I have careless dpsers who care more about doing dps than avoiding damage, it makes my life tough. Especially when healers almost always get blamed for every wipe. Also, elites and bosses HATE healers. If I throw 1 heal early on in a fight (usually to a dpser who isn't avoiding avoidable damage) I will aggro everything in the room and will quickly run out of force trying to keep myself up, resulting in everybody else dying, or get one shotted by a boss because I wear light armor.

So do your healer a favor and don't be a spaz. Keep us from getting frustrated and re-rolling a dps class so you can, you know, actually find pug healers.