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I just came back since free EXP weekend.

I realize that dyes are one-time use, but they can last a long freaking time. I don't see investing 10 dollars on a dye to be a waste if I wear it for a month or so. You can make up an outfit, apply a dye, and unify the colors--and that outfit will be saved FOREVER!

They give us additional outfit slots, so I just purchase a new slot if I want to test something. But honestly, dyes don't seem to disposable as people make it out to seem. Unless you're swapping your colors out every other day. I suppose that can happen.


I have a friend that religiously buys dyes for cartel coins to sell on the GTN. He claims nothing sells faster.
Everyone has their own idea of whatís good value and whatís not. Often that comes from your up bringing, socioeconomic back ground and finically situation. Age also plays a part because as you get older, you start to become more responsible with your money. And everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Iíve 12 outfitter slots opened for 60+ Alts. Iíve 14 pages of outfits opened in collections. I know all about making barbie outfits because thatís what I do while I wait for slow pvp pops. Iíve spent $1000 over the years on the CM /opening collections and Iíve never once purchased a dye because they are not good value in my eyes.

A lot of dyes do not always show exactly what they look like on armour when previewed.
Some armour for instance says it changes colour, when it doesnít and some changes colour when itís not supposed to.
Sometimes you apply a dye to armour and it doesnít seem right or it would have looked better in another.
Iíve some outfits that have required 4-6 different dyes to get the look Iím going for.
Iíve some outfits that have 3 or 4 tops with different colour dyes because I canít decide which I like best

If dyes were not destroyed and you could remove and reuse them, then 700cc would be good value. But you can reuse them or remove them from armour. So I donít see them as good value.

I never use dyes that are over 100k on the GTN and I never use ultra rare dyes because they just arenít affordable / good value. The CM dyes I do use are from people inadvertently listing them at the wrong price or from crates. But if they are hard to replace due to the high cost, I often find myself not using them and just sitting on them.

If dyes were cheaper on the CM, Iíd probably buy them their than waiting for them to be cheap enough on the GTN. That would squeeze me to buy more CCs if I saw an armour set on sale because my ďfreeĒ CCs each mo th would be gone