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You know they won't though. Their price points are set for their target audience.. As long as people are willing to click 'buy 2000 cc' and then drop 1000 cc on a black/black dye, or buy 10,000 cc and drop 8,000 cc on gear and 2 black/black dyes, they have no incentive to drop that price. What people do with the stuff afterwards doesn't matter to them. I'm not their target audience. I'm small fry. I use my monthly grant and get a 240 cc one or two. You really aren't they're target either since you're only willing to buy from the GTN. They aren't concerned with GTN prices or sales. Yes I know, someone had to pay to put it on there in the first place, but as long as people are willing to do that they're only concerned with that original bulk purchase of cc and how much they can squeeze out of you for a purchase. You squeezing out more stuff from a purchase doesn't incentivise them.

Think of it like this. It's $20 for 2400 cc. I can get 2 black dyes and have 400 left over. Or for just $20 more (infomercial voice) I can get 5500 cc. That's 5 black dyes and 500 left over, some for me some for the GTN. What a deal. Bam! They got you. Because now you've spent $40 instead of $20. What a deal indeed - for them. Them dropping prices on dyes (or anything really) means you can get more out of a $20 purchase instead of pushing you into going up to $40. It may mean you don't make a purchase, but c'est la vie, you weren't the target, the next person that does go big is. What you get with the cc package isn't important in so far as you buy the best deal.
I understand the model, any proper retailer or sales manager also know you can get people to buy more and spend more often if people “think they are getting a bargain”.
The problem is Bioware are targeting the whales instead of the every day CM buyer,

If I have 1450cc and I’ve a choice between something I can use once like a dye for 700cc or an armour set I can use many times and it’s on special for 1200cc and can open it for 240cc, then I’m going to buy it instead of the dye.
I’ve essentially spent more CC because it was on special and opening the set seems cheap. I’m certainly not going to buy 2 dyes.

Another way to look at it is the latest sale on opening collection items,
I rarely, if ever buy CCs because I feel most of the things on the CM are extremely over priced for digital pixel items you never actually own.
The CCs I do use are nearly always small transaction items, like opening collections, changing appearance or opening some legacy thing.
But when we have a sale on things like opening collections, I will buy CCs and make many small transactions. I then hunt for more things to buy on the GTN or the CM because I want to take advantage of the deal to open stuff. This often leads me to spend more CCs than I’d planned and has even resulted in buying more.

I’m sure if dyes were cheaper, people would see them as better value and spend more to buy more. I know I’d buy them if they were cheaper, but I will never buy them at the current price. I’m more likely to spend 2400 on some armour than spend 700cc on a one use dye.