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05.07.2019 , 11:42 AM | #24
Basically, it's impossible for us to know the answer to the thread title.

If the devs are making their target sales for these exclusive items, then they're working as intended, and there's little reason to alter the price to give people more color for their money. The GTN is completely irrelevant, since it has no impact on the game's financials.

It's like complaining the Unstable Peacemaker lightsaber is overpriced, and more people would buy if it only cost 1,000 credits. Is it worth $50? I highly doubt it. Yet, the target audience seems to pay it happily. Black dyes and white dyes have always been extremely rare. At least now we can purchase the exact color desired directly (not me, I'm a cheapskate who only blows $40 unlocking CM styles, lol) instead of having to rely on RNG from a lock box.
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