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05.07.2019 , 11:32 AM | #23
If you take a look at the GTN economy now, there is a massive credits inflation going on from basic level 1 to 10 green crafting mats each going from 1k to 9k depending on the market. This is due to the infinite conquest objective of crafting 50 items giving 300 conquest points each time. In such a market, almost all crafters will lose out as mats cost alone on gtn market price will always be more than finished product unless they take the time to slowly farm mats themselves. As of now, even normal casual players who are doing the class story can easily earn millions per day going through the story planets and selling gathered crafting mats on GTN. I would say that cartel dyes are working as intended, in fact 10 mil prices for black cartel dyes may even be too low today.