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Honestly the level of ad hominem hostility being directed at me in this discussion is really disturbing.
It's not an ad hominem attack. No one is avoiding discussing your points- everyone has explained why your givens are wrong and your conclusions are wrong. The separate facts (that you lost, claimed you were better than other players in 1v1 (irrelevant and wrong), had that proven in a 1v1, posted salt in /ops, /gsf, the GSF Discord, then cried to Dakhath for literally hours, and now are here on the forums carrying on without addressing any of the things that have been discussed) are all relevant as well.

I simply made the request that people be mindful and respectful of others in GSF.
NO, you did nothing this simple. Do you see why the facts are important? You didn't "simply request" anything, you flooded all chat forums available to you with salt, challenged a 1v1 (an irrelevant thing, btw), were indulged in this and got absolutely massacred, went to Discord, and went to forums, where you are currently begging the devs to make it so that groups can't queue and can't play because you want to win more in pvp and believe that changing the game would result in this. You want the entire game to be remade for you.

To this point, however, beating you in a pvp isn't a lack of mindfulness or respect, winning pvp matches is literally the point of pvp matches.

If you know you are strong pilots and you queue as a group, and you wipe the floor with the opposing team repeatedly, it is game breaking for everyone else.
Nothing about this is game breaking though. GSF is a team game, 8v8 or 12v12, and the stronger team wins almost all of the time. What's game breaking about that occurring?

The devs implemented an attempt to create more balanced matches by ranking pilots, and having them automatically separated and sorted to the two teams according to skill.
Actually no, they set them up according to experience, not skill. And said experience reviews your stuff account-wide (or at least server-wide per account). And this counts your most "experienced" pilot in group as if everyone in the group were that pilot.

It is very much not according to skill, however, as the game doesn't have a way to measure that as a metric- there's no ranking or rating or whatever.

This is one of your givens that is incorrect, despite being told as such by many players.

This only seems to function when people queue individually.
It applies a harsher logic to groups, actually, as you've also been told, wherein everyone in the group is queued as if they are the most experienced person in the group.

This is one of your givens that is incorrect, despite being told as such by many players.

However when people queue as a group together, all balance is lost.
This is also a given that is incorrect.

As has been explained- in this thread and other places- the GSF matchmaker isn't making many matches by skill in the first place. It is not bad at dealing with truly new players, but the difference between two experienced players can be really vast. The existing matchmaker isn't great at this, and it doesn't get appreciably worse than bad when you queue with groups. The matchmaker is pretty ok at taking two premades and splitting them on opposite sides- it doesn't do so 100% of the time, but it does do so much more than chance would dictate.

the fact remains that GSF becomes basically unplayable during the periods when groups of expert pilots queue together as a team
What you actually mean is "I can't win when I get placed against a premade, and I'm not willing to make my own, so please stop them from having fun".

My request of my fellow players is some consideration for the balance, and simply to please, if you notice after a couple of matches that you are clearly destroying the balance, to by all means keep queing and enjoying the game, but queue individually so that the game has a chance to balance the two teams.
Oh, that's it? Ok, then let me answer, for me personally:


We're done here now, right?

The suggestion that was aimed at me, that I should just find a group of my own if I don't like it, doesn't seem realistic.
Does "invite to group" not work on your UI? Are you banned from all Discords? Why is it not realistic?

On the drop of a hat, at any random time when a group of 4 elite pilots happens to form a team and start queuing, I'm not suddenly going to be able to find an equal number of basically equally skilled pilots to form a second team.
Do you think this is what normally happens? You could form a group at a time you normally play, and then play with that group at that time. That's literally what every group in the game does, after all.

And of course, people do form groups sometimes, at the drop of a hat. There's GSF chat, there's Discord, and there's all the other mechanisms that the game allows for this. This then comes back to my earlier points which you seem to feel are "ad hominem"- you don't even do this. When beaten, you demand that groups be kicked out of the game.

So if there aren't more people who want to form a second team then instead of wrecking the game for everyone else you could split your current team of 4 , for example, into two teams of 2, still allowing a chance that the GSF teams can be balanced, and fun for everyone.
Nah, hard pass.

Until such time as our developers find a way to mitigate this imbalance through an internal mechanic, the best I can do is ask my fellow pilots to choose
"Until I can convince the devs to remove you by force, I will appeal to your better nature and my redefinition of the goals of the game, which I hope you will adhere to instead of playing to win."

What a compelling argument.
"The most despicable person on the GSF forum."