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Taken from the "Closest to Holy Paladin?" thread (check out some of the other posts in that thread, might answer anything else):

Quote: Originally Posted by thenewzero View Post
Trooper/BH is very similar to Paladin, I will give you.

IA/Smuggler isn't anything like Shaman though. They don't have any abilities similar to Shaman. They are much more like a combination of Resto Druid and Cataclysm Holy Paladin. They use a Lifebloom like HoT and a Wild Growth like AoE heal, as well as using a secondary resource and free heal similar to Word of Glory / Holy power for Holy Paladins.

A lot of people lump Consular/SI with Priest because they see the one shield ability they get, but they are also very much like Shamans. They have an ability that is similar to Healing Rain, an ability that is identical to Riptide, a proc that is modeled after Tidal Waves, and a cooldown that is a lot like the WotLK talent Tidal Force.

So I'd say more like:

Trooper/BH = Holy Paladin with a little Shaman.

IA/Smuggler = Resto Druid + Holy Paladin (Holy Power).

Consular/SI = Resto Shaman + Priest bubble.
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