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A trivial way to test this would be to just hit Resilience/Shroud when the attack is coming and see if you get a resist in the flytext. If not, then it's definitely melee. I would run this test myself, but I'm traveling at present and don't have access to swtor.
I looked through all of my logs for HM Malaphar. Sadly, though I used Force Shroud on several occasions it was only active during one Hammer Smash. That single instance of Hammer Smash was resisted, but with such a small sample size I can't rule out the possibility that it was random.

Out of 103 instances of Hammer Smash...

3 were resisted (Only one of these occurred during Force Shroud. This seems to be consistent with Assassin's 2% Force/Tech resistance.)
10 did 0 damage due to an unknown mitigation (I checked the combat log; it didn't show resist, parry, absorbed, etc.)

I'm confused by the "unknown mitigation" hits since those attacks that did 0 damage still conferred full threat as if they had hit. This is different from resisted or parried attacks that do only 1 threat. The party did not contain a Powertech, so this was not caused by Sonic Rebounder. It wasn't caused by Sonic Wall from my Jug cotank either, since the "unknown mitigation" hits usually occurred at times when I didn't have Sonic Wall on me.