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Look again at your screenshot. While the Padawan and Master holofire shrines are listed under Civic - Sculptures the place-able Knight holofire shrine is under Civic - Structures. It is listed twice in the deco list, and I'm assuming that because the version under Civic - Sculptures comes before the one under Civic - Structures when you search for "holofire" with Category set to All you only see the unavailable one under Civic - Sculptures. If you specify Civic - Structures when you search for "holofire" you'll find the place-able deco.

The same thing happens with the Datacron: Dark vs Light deco. There is a version under Furniture - Arrangements that looks like a log. The place-able deco is under Technology - Artifacts. Searching for "datacron" with Category - All returns the unavailable log, while changing your category to Technology finds the place-able deco.

You can also work around this issue if when you search for the deco (either one) you set your availability criteria to Unlocked. Since the broken Knight shrine and DvL datacron can't be obtained the search will only return those decos you have unlocked.
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