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My claims relate to the lack of intelligence or premise to warrant that sort of thing. Also an ESRB rating that fails to acknowledge the deeply rooted gender and torture related issues that present themselves.

Yes, the Empire is evil--you volunteer for it. But folks who buy the game expect an experience like the original trilogy, not a product where you're literally guided to make the decision to shock an enslaved, sexualized companion in order to get dark side points for specific gear.

Not only that but down the line, you can buy her affection through gifts and have the option of espousing the very same character you've tortured until the sudden materialistic turnaround.

It's all a bit disheartening and certainly not something I'd ever want to see a child or pre-teen playing this content on a Saturday night--particularly if said child hadn't received proper guidance to separate fantasy and reality. Given the right sort of coverage, the media would have a field day with this.

...and no the OPTION to make slightly less evil options does not justify the fact that in a game targeted towards folks as young as 13 you have the option of abusing who is essentially your giddy playmate by electrocuting her repeatedly in between flirting sessions.
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