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08.21.2012 , 02:23 PM | #4
Med screen is a waste of 2 points. Terrible talent that deep in the tree IMO. Should be changed to "Healing dealt increased by 7.5%/15% while defense screen is active" or better yet, "Healing received/dealt (one or the other) is increased by 7.5%/15% for 15 seconds after activating defense screen is active."

As it stands right now, you use defense screen when you're taking damage. It prevents so little it usually disappears after 1 decent attack lands, giving you less than a gcd to benefit from it...sometimes not at all. The only time it would be useful is if you just took a lot of dmg, then popping screen and healing to full quicker. Such a small % of situations would actually benefit from these 2 points that would be better spent elsewhere.