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08.21.2012 , 01:20 PM | #3
yeah are you PVE or PVP healing mainly?

I don't PVP, but this is my final build for PVE. It works really well for PVE, but I doubt it would work at all for PVP.

As you can see I am strictly a healer, but I have no problem doing dailies and soloing daily heroics with this build (well all but Darkness on Ilum. Sad i can solo CTS, but not Darkness).

While leveling Sedatives was great, but at least in a PVE environment nobody (including myself) wait for the sedative to wear off, so it is useless after 50. Also never used Scramble in a PVE environment. Now Anatomy Lesson was a little difficult to give up, but I haven't noticed a big difference. Miss it sometimes in the Infernal Council fight in EV HM, but that is about the only time.

The gear is a week or two out of date, but the build is the same.