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The reduced intro time is just perfect. I also appreciate the NiM guides exclusively covering the new mechanics instead of rehashing the old mechanics. Once again, you are easy to understand and very clear.

The only critique I would give calls back to the SC&FB fight where you bring in another person to explain the healing responsibility. I personally do not feel that this is necessary or desirable, as the video benefits from its uniform presentation. The second speaker's lack of a quality microphone hindered the video as a whole. I understand wanting to get the healer's perspective for this fight, and so it may be better to have her write the script for that section. If the desire is to get more people in your raid team involved in the project, then disregard this feedback.

In my opinion, these videos are still a step or two ahead of WoW's Fatboss guides. They have multiple people narrating too, but waste much of the video going onto tangents and making jokes. You all stay on point and I appreciate that.
Hey Crossward,

Again great feedback and much appreciated mate. I wanted to also say thank you to everyone following along with us as we push these out and for dealing with the different changes and ideas. We're experimenting with different suggestions and ideas to really make these video guides the most informative and complete ones out there. As we push further into releasing more of these i'm sure you guys will see some experimental things pop up or changes as we try and hone in on the best process and the most complete way of presenting this stuff. Feedback like this though is crucial to that process and we really do appreciate it

On a side note one of our team members was at a gas station the other day and got into a conversation with someone who apparently plays the game and when she mentioned this project they immediately knew what she was talking about which I thought was epic. So I wanted to thank everyone for that as well, spreading the word and helping us get this content out among the SWTOR community hopefully to those who can really benefit from it.

LOL I suppose I've rambled on enough

TLDR: Thanks for the feedback!; thanks for the support!