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08.14.2019 , 05:25 PM | #8
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That's bull. The servers are NOT garbage. It's the vocal player minority that you're referring too.
There is plenty of players on each server that are nice, quiet, drama free & don't say much, just play the game.
Agreed, all servers have toxic players, all servers have good, helpful players on. I personally think that SS is by far the worst though as I play on all of them. To a degree that it's worth transferring of because of a few toxic players? bad yes, that bad not by a long shot.

Then again I don't speak French or German so if gen chat was full of toxic players I wouldn't know on there servers. SS out of the English specking servers would be more accurate for toxic players.

Personally I hope there is no sale on transfers all that will lead to is less servers in the long run. So players saying they want to move because there server has a few toxic players on won't help them, when that now low population server is removed and they join the one everyone moved to. |Plus anyone who has a lot of character will lose out yet again long term as they did last time.