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It might be nice if they had a "transfer" sale, but I don't see any reason why it would necessarily be associated with the release of 6.0 - unlike a server merger, there's no particular reason for people in general to want to transfer to a different server because of 6.0.
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Not that this thread was specifically asking, but I did want to let you know that there is a plan to have a sale on some character stuff like renames and probably also transfers when we get closer to launch. It is still a bit away and I don't have exact timing, but we will be sure to give you some notice (a week or so) before it goes live.


They might want to get all their alts on one server if Bioware drops it to 90cc again, in anticipation of 6.0. Much cheaper than $10 a character now. It's simply related to 6.0 because Eric related it to 6.0 above. Maybe there's a guild on a certain server they want to consolidate alts to for 6.0. Free name changes.... etc.
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