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Verain did a good job on the overall defensive options for a strike fighter, but missed one detail in regards to why even low levels of evasion can be quite valuable.

It rests on two GSF mechanics. First, there is no penalty for non-lethal damage. As long as you don't take another hit, there's no difference between the performance of a ship with 1200 hull and 1400 shields and the same ship with 1 hull and 0 shields. Meaning if you can break LOS, kill the opponent, or otherwise stop taking fire the damage that kills you is much more important than any amount of damage that is not fatal.

Secondly, damage in GSF comes in discrete packages. Meaning that small increases in ability to absorb or reduce damage in many cases will not be enough to turn a killing shot into a non-lethal shot.

Evasion, when it's not overcome by accuracy, is much more effective at turning killing shots into survivable shots because shots that miss do no damage.

With all that said, in the nerf that hit distortion field and evasion overall, Bioware adjusted things so that evasion and shield capacity are now so closely balanced that it's hard to tell if there's any difference in terms of effective survivability.

TL;DR version: Evasion is best if you can stack it, but in GSF at present, evasion is never a bad choice.
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