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I take Inexorable, Brazen/Overwhelm, Subjugation, Relentless, Maiming Reach, Unbound, Ruthless Aggressor, and Bloodward/Through Victory.

Inexorable is almost non-optional, it's a good defensive ability and lets you use your stunbreak more often with the lessened CD. Brazen is nice to have for the 2% base reduction and the Fury building if you get focused, which means you'll just get more 3 stack Ferocities because of Berserk uptime. Overwhelm is good if you have trouble staying on target, you can swap the last two whenever really because you don't wanna be getting focused.

Subjugation is an Obfuscate buff, which is a very solid ability all-around (especially with Ruthless Aggressor, more later), and it also lets you use Cloak of Pain while stunned. I consider Relentless non-optional because it gives you a CD for Predation (movement + buff) instead of making it cost Fury stacks (which you want to use for Berserk).

Maiming Reach is nice because it gives Crippling Slash more range and makes it immobilize the target instead of just slowing at a lower rage cost, allowing it to be used more. It's nice to stick on target, + the healing debuff gets more range as well. Unbound gives you a movement-impairment break, plus adds even more speed to the buff.

Obfuscate is currently one of the best defensive CDs in the game because it applies Ruthless Aggressor, which gives Force + Tech resistance when Obfuscate is used. Through Victory is a good root break if you find yourself getting slowed/rooted a lot, plus the damage increase. Blood Ward lets you heal while getting attacked during Saber Ward, which is nice if you're getting attacked by multiple enemies (again, this shouldn't happen often), and it also gives you stun immunity for the duration. Again, also a very nice touch.

Pick your poison, there are plenty of good marauders out there who are willing to give advice: usually asking around helps me if I'm struggling. Happy hunting!
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